Autonomous Bus Shelter is the union of two projects, Bus Glass Shelter and Step Lux, to harvest the energy produced by buses and passengers and generate energetically autonomous interactive bus shelters.

At this stage the project team is seeking partners to support the production of the combined project.


A completely transparent bus stop that integrates photovoltaic cells, LED lighting and multimedia displays with interactive information.

The project, awarded a Red Dot Design Award 2014, is being developed by architects Borgos and Pieper, together with Cricursa.


A smart pavement that transforms the transit of cars, buses and pedestrians into electricity for the needs of the smart city, thanks to the capabilities of piezoelectric materials.

The technical project is being carried out by Leitat, Elisava and Materfad.

Materfad is a materials centre whose purpose is to provide a service to businesses, professionals, technology centres and universities.

Materfad supplied the necessary information and advice on materials and design in order to integrate the Step-Lux device into floors and urban pavements.

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering promotes knowledge, research, development, and innovation in all the fields revolving around design, engineering, and communication.

Step-Lux device has been designed and developed in ELISAVA.

LEITAT is a Technological Center that aims to collaborate with companies and institutions by adding technological value both to products and processes, and focuses its activity on research, development and industrial innovation (R+D+2i).

LEITAT supported the technical development of the Step-Lux prototypes.

Borgos Pieper is a design studio with more than ten years experience creating innovative projects in Spain and overseas with interventions in historic as well as new build structures.

It has a particular interest and specialization in architectural glass applications.

Cricursa is a company with over 87 years experience in the fabrication of curved and laminated glass especially for architectural applications and has developed the complex geometry for the realisation of the "Glass Shelter" designed by Borgos Pieper.

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At this stage the project team is seeking partners to support the production of the combined project.

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Materfad. Barcelona’s materials centre

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Borgos Pieper

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